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      Worried about your watch breaking? Well, we are here to reassure you that you needn’t be worried at all. We have a 24 hour customer care team that will ensure you receive the best possible service, even after you have purchased your Fortune Forty Six watch.
      Each wooden watch is issued with a 1 year warranty period. This covers any material or manufacturing defects that you may notice at the point of receiving your watch. After showing a proof of purchase, you will have the right to have any defect repaired free of charge.

      Your Fortune Forty Six warranty will cover you for:
      • Material or mechanical defects upon arrival
      • Lifetime battery – We will never let your ticker stop and so if your battery does die then we will change it for you OR send you a new one, which ever option you prefer (Please see notes below for additional information)
      • Any faults with the leather straps
      The stuff your Fortune Forty Six warranty doesn’t cover you for:
      • Normal wear and tear of the Face, straps and buckle.
      • Damage from abnormal/abusive use, lack of care or negligence (Please see point below for a heads up)
      • Drunkenly swinging your arms into random objects/people, drunkenly falling over OR drunkenly trying to fight a Kangaroo.
      • Scratching or Smashing the toughened glass face to bits
      • Damages caused by third party (For example – battery replacement, repairs, services or other alterations)
      • Loss or theft
      Please note:

      –  Each watch has a different natural wood grain, giving it it’s own unique character. This isn’t something we have any control over and as such, any issue you may have with the wood grain is unfortunately not covered under warranty.

      – We are happy to replace your FREE battery long after the warranty period expires (they have a long life, it’d be unfair not to!). All we ask is that you please cover the postage costs incurred.

      If you need to send your watch to us for repair then please email the following details to
      • Full details of the fault
      • A picture of the product
      • Proof of purchase details
      Once we have all of the information we need and can see that you are still covered, we will endeavour to repair your watch and get it back to you as quickly as possible. This is usually within 14 workings day. Please return the watch only to us in a padded jiffy envelope. Once your watch is feeling spick and span we will salute it and send it on its way back to its rightful owner.