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      What are we doing to help the Environment? 


      Our watches are made from recycled and reclaimed wood because
      we are aware of the extent of social impact that we have
      as a business on the environment around us. 


      Our packaging consists of:

      Glass Jars (and lid)
      Paper label 
      Little cotton bags
      Paper seed packets

      Biodegradable stickers
      Cardboard box

      All of these items are recyclable (even the jar lid!). 

      We wanted to make our packaging re-usable as well, which means that you can re-use everything apart from the biodegradable stickers. The paper watch description labels are great for using as a bookmark! 

      One tree planted

      We work with 'One tree planted' an organisation that helps restore trees. Our customers can simply add this to their order when checking out as it's pence and that money goes towards planting a tree, it's pretty cool ay? 

      Find out more about what they do here:

      If you have any questions about our packaging then please do not hesitate to get in touch.