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      Frequently asked questions

      Are the wooden watch straps made from real leather?

      Are the outer cases of the wooden watches real wood?

      Do you offer a warranty?

      Can you replace watch straps?

      Do you have vegan friendly watch straps?

      How long will this item take to reach me in the UK?

      Can you ship to other countries?

      What if i am missing an item from my order?

      How do i cancel my order?

      How do i track my delivery?

      Can i return my goods outside of the uk?

      What delivery times should i expect outside of the uk?

      Can i select next day delivery outside of the uk?

      Do you ship worldwide?

      Do you give to charity?

      Are the wooden watches sustainablely sourced?

      Can you provide wooden watches with numbers?

      How much do the watches weigh?

      What are the lengths and measurements of each part?

      Are you able to service a watch if it breaks?

      What do i do if my watch breaks before the warranty and it's not my fault?

      Can i exchange my wooden watch if i change my mind?

      Are your watches waterproof?

      What is your brands mission?

      Can you tell me more about your battery guarantee?

      What seeds do you get with the watch?